Online Coaching Why?

Are you in need of online coaching? Maybe your self-driven and in no need of motivational speeches. Or your time is limited and you just cannot make the time to get in class. Maybe you're not living in the area, still, you like the program and would like to dive in. Then online coaching may be the best option for you. Keep reading and learn how to take the next step. 

So now that you've decided to make the commitment how should you prepare yourself? Glad you asked, first you need to ensure you have some semblance of discipline. Why you ask cause in order to complete your goals it takes hard work that means even on the days your lazy and tired you still need to perform the work. Be aggressively patient, huh, yea it seems strange that those two words can coexist but they do. This is how you will stay committed to the goals you've set and the program laid before you!




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Online Coaching How?

So you're prepared to take the big step toward being a better stronger more mobile you, whats next. The programs are designed especially for your direct needs as the cookie-cutter approach won't work. They are structured with lower and upper body strength sessions. Each strength movement will be paired with a mobility drill to ensure maximum growth potential. The session will begin will a simple series of basic warm-up drills and end with stretches that will maximize the sessions main movement patterns.

How much time each day will my program take to complete? Depending on the client's needs programs can last from 30 mins to 2-3 hours. You decide how much to accomplish per training session as long as you perform all the work listed. How long will it take to see some progress? Truly that depends entirely on you and your level of commitment from day to day. You put in the work you reap the benefits, you get complacent, well you know the end result of that path.


Online Coaching Details?

What else do I need to know before getting started? Each program is set for eight weeks of programming that's two full months of pattern changing, muscle growing, joint unlocking fun! That also includes 4 weeks of online coaching. Don't quite understand a pattern? Shoot us an email and we'll promptly return your messages with videos and explanations on how to progress to the next step. If you run the eight weeks and still haven't mastered the basics of each assigned movement no problem keep at until you have. Its normal to find certain movement patterns more difficult than others. Some patterns will seem extremely easy while others may prove unrelenting. Don't frett keep at we're here to help you succeed! 


Cost: 20,000baht
Program: Eight weeks of programming on PDF file format
Support: Four weeks of online support (email, Line, Whatsapp, etc.)

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