Move now!


We at Oppose Gravity are driven

To implementing strategies that promote healthy lifestyles. With a movement based approach, we aim to expose our clients to the best tools and resources available. An open frame free of restrictions has so much potential.  Looking at taking up a new hobby or physical activity now you can enjoy the adventure knowing your body can perform the movements without restriction. Only you must make a concerted effort to change your life forever. 


Personal Training

2000 — 1 Session

9500 — 5 Sessions

18000 — 10 Sessions

5% to10% savings on multiple sessions


500 — Single visit

2250 — 5 Classes

10% discount on drop in package

Unlimited Memberships

4000 – 1 Month

11400 – 3 Months

21600 – 6 Months

40800 – 12 Months

5%, 10%, 15% in savings when you purchase more months!

Note* additional savings when you sign up for a membership!

Will it be easy? nope. worth it? absolutely.
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