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BMC Monthly Free Event, Jaszmine Wang, Yoga Foundation

  • Oppose Grvaity 2626 Sukhumvit Road Bangkok, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, 10260 Thailand (map)

Bangkok Movement Collective – 2-3 hours

Yoga Foundation

Why is foundation so important? 

Without the correct alignment, your practice is a danger to your own body. From my own experience, practicing from a wrong alignment in short term may seems like no damage to your body, but if you are a serious practitioner and plan to be one, this kind of practice can lead to serious injuries. Learning the basics gives you a more insight on how Asanas should be done properly according to your own body before you want to start doing any Vinyasa and incorporate breathing technique into your practice. 

If you feel afraid to start, thinking you might be doing something wrong or lost at most of the yoga classes, this will be good for you to begin with. 

This class will not be teaching a full Vinyasa Flow, so do not have to worry if you don’t have any experience. This is where I’ll be giving you the foundation of how each asana (pose) should be done correctly avoiding future injuries, giving you the guideline to be able to follow a led yoga classes more confidently. 

Foundation Yoga – Beginner


Yin Yoga – what’s the best way to warm up in the morning 


Some basic yoga, beginner backbend, headstand and arm balancing



Certified Ashtanga Vinyasa RYT200, but the first contact of my experience in any athletic activity was Ballet when I was seven, I always love and willing to learn new sports and activities to challenge myself. My real contact with yoga was just about 2 years ago, it brings me a different kind of peace within my heart and myself as I practice, at the same time I also started other activities that would help me build strength, including calisthenics mobility classes, body weighs training, gymnastics and acro yoga, after a while I wanted to learn more what’s yoga and that’s when I got into a much serious yoga teacher training during Sep 2017. In this journey I experienced a lot, went through a lot of injuries and learnt how to use and listen to my body wisely. This will be my main teaching, each individual was created differently and only you know your body better than others, listening to your own body is what we need to learn. I met many passionate crew throughout my stay in Bangkok, whom also have same visions with me that wants to encourage more people to start moving towards a healthier living lifestyle mentally & physically. Nothing serious or experienced needed, just come join and learn together. No matter what’s the reason makes you want to start moving, as long as you find peace within yourself to start. You don't have to be amazing to start, but you can start to be amazing x - Jaszmine Wang

Small Introduction of what exercises you can prep for to warm your joints and start joining a beginner yoga class, where you learn how to flow like everyone else by learning a full sun salutation A (Suryanasmaskar A), suitable for any beginners to join and get their foundation right

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