We offer classes for every level, and each class is capped at 8 people so everyone can get the individual attention needed. 



movement Foundations

Monday - Friday

 9am - 10 30am, 5pm - 6:30pm, and 7pm - 8:30pm

Oppose Gravity’s Movement Foundations is designed to help you rediscover lost sensitivity and awareness under gravity’s constant presence, through the use of your own bodyweight in motion. Using various mobility and flexibility protocols to unlock the body’s full potential you will develop a pain free lifestyle. Following the guided instructions you will gain confidence by controlling yourself in space and mastering the concepts of contract/relax. You’ll come to an understanding as to why time under tension is so important for strength gains and force production. You will also learn how to protect your joints by placing them under controlled loads, which force them to grow stronger. 



Morning Mobility 

9am – 10am

This is a mobility class designed to keep you moving over the weekend. Reopen the body after a long work week of sitting or standing rebalance and prepare yourself for the next week. 

Cost–500 baht


Personal Training

2000 — 1 Session

9500 — 5 Sessions

18000 — 10 Sessions

5% to10% savings on multiple sessions


500 — Single visit

2250 — 5 Classes

10% discount on drop in package

Unlimited Memberships

4000 – 1 Month

11400 – 3 Months

21600 – 6 Months

40800 – 12 Months

5%, 10%, 15% in savings when you purchase more months!

Note* additional savings when you sign up for a membership!