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The Bangkok Movement Collective

The BMC is collective of movers from various fields of study, coming together to share our experience with the local community. Our mission is to bring awareness to the fact that movement is life and everyone should move. Living in a city filled with technology has made humans lazy. We’ve become complacent with our jobs sitting behind a desk everyday. It’s time to reawaken man’s/women's need to move and live. 

It’s also a great way to allow potential clients to view your skillset in an environment that allows your potential followers enjoy a class without the pressure of having to commit to fees. Think of this as another marketing tool to increase your customer base. It also presents opportunities to collaborate with other instructors to create events and workshops that will bind the movement community together. 


Teaching opportunities

We are always looking for new instructors to expand the movement community in Bangkok. Come join the ranks of movers who have shared their expansive base of knowledge to the local Bangkok community. 


Put your best foot forward

Gain an untapped marketing resource by getting in front of potential clients and allowing them to see your magic! Perfect for those just starting out looking to make their mark in the movement community.


Things you need?

  1. A clear description of the class you’ll be teaching.
  2. 3-5 high quality pictures that show you in action.
  3. A link to your high quality video uploaded to youtube.
  4. Choose a date to persent to the class.
  5. 1200baht this fee will be used to promote the event using Facebook advertising.
  6.  A postive attitude, simle you're helping others. 


 ready, shoot us an email!

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