Experiencing Depth

So I've been spending a lot of time in Isolation cementing some elements within my structural frame. Soon I'll begin my climb into integration connecting patterns I'm very familiar with and expanding on new more complex ones. I had a few minor injuries due to non-training situations, that have limited my ability to perform many upper body movements. So within that framework, I've done the natural thing which is to look at other less observed pieces and to realign my focus on to them. Manely the hips knees and ankles! They're not lacking more or less I'm just adding more options that will lead to more complexity in the near future. Definitely not at my full range of motion yet! 

If you're looking at this and thinking how this will destroy your knees. I must explain that I'm 42 years old, played soccer and practiced martial arts for most of my life. I've had problems with my knees and ankles until I met the sissy squat and a few other movements and I can say from experience that I'm pain-free in the region. If your knees are F'ed up right now don't attempt these, you'll need a few corrective movements to get yourself ready this type of pressure. Think progression everything in progression, take it slow focus on your work and be aware of yourself in the moment. Use your good old common sense, you cant go wrong.

I’ll be creating a post showing begineer level porgressions for this movement in the near future.