The Importance of Failure

When discovering a new skill there is always a phase of consecutive failures, the mistakes allow you direct insights into your strengths and weakness. It is confusing and emotionally draining, especially when you lack good body awareness. Remember when you were a kid first learning how to ride a bicycle. The learning curve, that arrived with the struggle to keep the bike upright and stable. Stiffened by the reverence that it was going to end with a broken arm or leg. Each crash edged you closer to the freedom of riding and each new attempt felt like success was but a petal away. It's how we grow by making mistakes and discovering from the experiences.

Failure is also a great detective in revealing one's self-determination in learning a new skill. I'm sure you've all come across someone that's failed and given up. We have all failed at something in life and we had to arrive at a choice. To either check one's self and adjust or to break contact altogether. It forced you to look within to and say, “Is this for me.” That being said, when was the last time you failed at something? Chances are you haven't and that's an indicator that you're not growing as a person. No matter what it is, there is a procedure that you must go through to arrive on purpose.

A definite effect of driving through failure is discipline, which is the training effect of experience. After each fumbled attempt at success, you become more mindful more purpose driven. You steady the mind while visualizing the next step and you gain clarity. This strict adherence to the path is what determines your degree of success. Four months ago Tokto Started his journey to a muscle up. He failed several times before finally striking paydirt. The important matter to remember is, don't give up, each failure is an indicator of where you are. It's up to you, to beware of this and use it to your advantage.