Oppose Gravity’s - Movement Foundations now at Arete


For the first time at Arete, we are super excited to announce Functional Movement Classes by CJ. The aim of the class is to help you enjoy a better range of motion, aid recovery and help you start feeling great again after a week of tough rolls.

If you’ve seen Rickson Gracie training on the beach in the documentary Choke, or more recently Connor McGregor training for his fights (minus the spaghetti arms) then you have an idea of what functional training is. By educating the body through guided sessions you will learn how to perform gymnastic strength movements, attain yoga-like flexibility, and regain the childlike mobility you once had as a kid. 

BJJ does place specific demands on the body (any BJJ practitioner hanging around a gym long enough will hear complaints of tight shoulders, stiff necks, sore knees etc!), the classes will address those issues. However, the aim is to also to improve the technical vocabulary of your whole body, which will help you move better, keep you on the mats longer and feel more vibrant throughout the day!

The first class will be held this Sat 20th Oct from 2pm-3pm. For the benefit of all students, spots are limited for this class - to book please message us directly or email info@aretethailand.com.