Soisci’s Open Movement Workshop

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This was two intensive days (8-9 June 2017) practicing different movement elements with Soisci. This workshop explored: Mobility- in motion, pre/rehab, and goal-related. Hand balancing/ inverting- understanding basic alignment, tension and specific drills. Interactive partner games-stimulating creativity, corporal problem solving, strength work, flexibility, coordination, timing, and bodyweight strength work.

   Soisci has some 15 years of martial arts practice; exploring some Wushu, MMA, Brazilian jiujitsu (blue belt), and Muay Thai (where she won a WPMF belt in 2011 and I-1 belt in 2012). 4 years training closely with Ido Portal. Some exposure to Fighting Monkey practices, self-research and teaching for six years.

Hosted by: Oppose Gravity -

Filmed by: Carl Jones (Oppose Gravity)

Edited by: Pimrapee Thungkasemvathana

Location: Yoga Elements -

Instructor: Soisci Porchetta -


This was my first workshop instructed solely by Soisci and I have to say it was worth every second!  Soisci is a very focused driven person from what I can tell, seeking knowledge and sharing what shes experienced.  You can see the passion for movement as she explains the details of each nugget of information. The workshop flowed nicely from movement to movement compounding into an explosive ending of full body games and research. Soisci has much to offer with a wealth of information and understanding worth your time and money.