Video interview with PNP Fitness

The push and pull way
— Solo Nero


PNP Fitness is an extreme calisthenics group, which uses strictly bodyweight exercises to achieve incredible feats of strength.  If you’re into calisthenics you probably have already heard of these giants along with people like Adam Raw and others. I met both Theo and Solo in Singapore back at the ASW 2015 Street workout competition where both of them were judges.  Solo and I had bumped into each other previously at the WSWC in Astana, Kazakhstan 2014, he was there supporting another beast Ranjit Bhachu who competed in the event.

   They were very focused on training there was no time for bullshitting on the phone surfing no procrastinating just work. Set and reps their method and you can feel the passion they have during a session. What you get is highly skilled movements sometines with weight under the strictest form. Genuine down to earth no-nonsense motivational bodyweight produced, is how I’d have to describe them. Enough of me babbling on and on check them out!

   So, this was my first time doing an interview it was spare of the moment. Didn't know how to work the camera properly so the quality isnt very good. All my faults this was a learning event for me so next time I get these guy on film it will be more professional, committed to quality.


You can follow them here, they also have personal pages you can find that info on thier company page below.

Filmed at the old Singapore Calisthenics Academy
new location here