Which Program Is Right For You!

Which Program is Right for You!

With the fitness industry full of training programs, boot camps, and other craziness it can seem a bit irritating when first looking for a personal trainer/program to begin with! Look no further I’m going to get you thinking in the right direction.

Before you begin you should look into the mirror and take a long hard look at yourself, what do you see?

1. What are your current strengths and weakness?

2. Can you run short distance without huffing and puffing, squat, bend, jump?

3. Are you a bit over weight?

4. How’s your flexibility?

5. What do you aim to accomplish?

6. What timeframe, are you getting ready for the beach or is there an upcoming event?

7. How much time are you able and or willing to dedicate to your fitness/health/movement goals?

8. Be realistic with your goal setting?

9. How do you currently feel as it pertains to your self being (happy, sad, confident, unconfident, etc.)

10. When was your last health screening and were there any health issues that may slow your progress?

Your goals should be set within reality if you’re overweight and eating like crap, you’re not going to begin training for a marathon!

Although you can once you’ve taken care of your current predicament. So for instance let's say I’m overweight, lets say I weigh about 185lbs at 5’5ft my normal weight should be around 155 lbs lean. I’ve been to the doctor and he says I’m at risk of heart disease and dangerously close to becoming a diabetic. Although I’m generally confident in myself I don’t like the way I look. I begin to think hard about what I want to look like and start setting some goals. I realize I’m not the spring chicken I use to be back in the days now that I’m pushing 40. So what to do first is what I should be asking myself. Well, the first thing I need to do is begin controlling my eating habits. I think it's safe to say that I’m taking in more calories per day than my body is burning (Couch potato), and probably not good ones anyway! The next thing would be to get myself moving again; at my job, I work in an office or drive a truck so I’m sitting down for a major portion of each day. So I tell myself all right I’m going to park farther away from the building and begin taking the stairs. For my lunch break, I’ll go outside and go for a 10 min walk after eating. While I’m at home I think I’ll go in the backyard and play with the kids or walk the neighborhood every other day until I’m doing it every day. Then while at work I’ll start taking mini breaks just long enough to knock out a set of pushups or sit-ups, whenever and whatever it's appropriate. At home, while I’m watching TV I’ll start doing bodyweight squats and lunges during the commercials (those would turn into mini sessions as programs are shorter and commercials get longer these days)!

Now I think it's time for me to start looking for a real program to really get the results I’m looking for.

After about 8 weeks, I’m seeing some progress my arms look a bit tighter and the wife’s been giving me those sexy looks, it’s time to upgrade. Here comes the tough part, as I surf the Internet I see a huge amount of programs and personal trainers. All claiming to be the one that every person on earth should be using! As if that wasn’t enough I see plenty of gyms in my surrounding area offering memberships and personal training. This can be a bit confusing because you may not know what you should be doing. Here are a few guidelines to help you make up your mind. What is your dream, do you want to run a marathon, deadlift 1000lbs, perform the perfect handstand, or just a really nice set of six-pack abs? This will help eliminate many of the programs from your choices. So, If you're planning on completing a half marathon there’s no reason to choose an adult gymnastics class. You know what your interests are so choose something you're familiar with. Later you may want to try something new but for now, stick with what you know at least until you can perform the training with regular frequency. Next is to find the right program or personal trainer that will lead you to meet your goals.

Find a trainer that you like and that you feel comfortable with, someone that makes you feel special!

Think of them as leaders, this person is going to get you in shape or teach you some specialized skills. What kind of leader inspires you to get motivated? Some of you may need the guy who pushes you like a military drill instructor and others may like the pleasant laid back type, find what fits you. Look for a trainer fits that bill (it will increase your chances of success 100 fold)! If you’re going to run long distance it makes sense to find someone with prior experience running as they will tend to be far more knowledgeable. Look for passion when searching for a professional if he or she is dull and boring it really won’t motivate you to train very hard. Don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions to include what qualifications your future guide has. It’s your hard earned money, make sure you spend it wisely; this is an investment (Take it seriously). Don’t settle for the person who is just going through the motions they will not inspire you and in the low points of your training, you may need a strong motivational force pushing you thru those sticking points.

The thing about programs is consistency if you put in the work assigned you will arrive at a result.

Remember what you put in is what will return you in the form of muscle gain/weight loss/endurance/flexibility etc. Until scientists create a wonder pill only hard work will turn you into superman well… sort of! Programs are a different beast and require the participant to have the necessary motivation/dedication to achieve the desired results. Beginners beware this means if you’re going to be successful you need to complete each training day as described! With that said finding a program online is easy, but not all programs are equal. So a bit of research will be required to find the right one for you. Look for well written clearly described plans that aren’t vague or seem overly complicated. The latter will lead to confusion and ultimately be a major setback in attaining your training and fitness goals. There are many well-written programs from very reputable sources, do your due diligence. Most programs you will receive will come with videos that demonstrate all the movements explained with the program. First, make the commitment that is really the first step to commit to the program and allow the work you put in to lead to your success (ACTION)! Your second order of execution should be to familiarize yourself with these movements and understand what each of them will help you accomplish. Next is to take the first step start the program and never look back. Look, any form of exercise will take at least 6 to 8 weeks before you begin to notice any difference in body fat. Normally after the first week, you will notice strength gains as those five pushups turned into 10. So keep going let each small step lead to another small step. Each one will lead to those six-pack abs, or that 12 mile run you’ve been dreaming about, just stay in the game!

Note: when it comes to programs most if not all will work if you follow the guidelines set.

Price, the word everyone fears!

I could write an entire book on price, (but I’ll keep in short)! On how expensive it is to hire a personal trainer or the fees for some of these programs. Normally you get what you pay for, so spending a little more cash may drain your pockets but look at it as you’re investing in yourself. I’m sure you have blown money on things that were far more trivial in the grand scheme of things. With the rising cost of living in our day and age, hiring a professional personal trainer or program can seem to outweigh its benefits. Now think of rising healthcare costs that are now astronomical these days! So, which would you rather an expensive doctor bill that could possibly put you out of your wonderful home or the latter? Think of this as your first line of defense, the stronger fitter you are the less chance of sickness. Which in the long run will save you long wait times in a hospital designed to drain your pockets. Make sense!! I think you’ll agree!

Final note remember you can achieve any of your goals just be realistic. You’re not going to go from being 50 pounds overweight to running an Ironman in 6 weeks. Have patience, devote some time, and give it a great deal of effort! You’ll see your dreams manifest, the possibilities are endless now, get out there and conquer your health you deserve it!