Bangkok Movement collective


The Bangkok Movement Collective

Is a group of movers that enjoy sharing their knowledge to the general public. What is Movement? Movement is what humans do whether it’s a yogi working though Vinysa, a martial artist preforming a set, or a gymnast training a new skill. As movers we like to think about all movement as a whole not just one skill set in particular. Come out and join us at Oppose Gravity 4pm-6pm on the last Saturday of each month, for this free event. No experience necessary, just a willingness to learn something new!

Check the events page for the next upcoming meeting.....



Where: Oppose Gravity

When: 4-6pm, last Saturday of the month

Price: Free

What to bring: Plenty of water/towel


If you’re a movement instructor with a passion for teaching and would love to share a bit of knowledge with others please CONTACT US

The Bangkok Movement Collective is a group of movement specialist in the greater Bangkok area dedicated to bringing the community quality instruction in a number of disciplines. Parkour Dance Capoeira Calisthinecs Gymnastics FRC Yoga Pilates Arco Yoga To name a few! Our main goal is raise public awareness that movement truly is medicine for the body.