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Movement has been around forever just people stopped focusing on moving as gyms gravitated to using machines and treadmills, In what most thought would be a total revolution in fitness. Well, that thought process has come and gone. The human body desires to move in a variety of complex patterns. The more complex patterns the better your self-awareness grows, the more neural pathways are created, creating a more connected self-allowing the mover greater self-expression. Think of movement as a type of communication with your environment. Are you clumsy or do you move with the grace of a cat? Do you move with discomfort, if so you probably have some sort of adaptation from your current lifestyle? Learning how to move with a full range of motion allows you to regain freedom. The freedom to do whatever you want, past dreams of rock climbing or thoughts about taking up a new sport or activity, now you can! 


First, we gauge your level of mobility by how well you can move through a variety of base level movements. Then we prescribe movements that fit your current state to allow you to progress into more complex positions moving and static. Through these guided sessions you will learn how to perform gymnastic strength movements, attain yoga-like flexibility, and regain the childlike mobility you once had as a kid. Spinal articulations, balance control, upper and lower bodyweight strength and conditioning, agility, timing, etc.


We are located stone's throw from BTS Udomsuk right off of Sukhumvit Road in the same Soi as the Fitness Station. In Bang Na once a sub-district of Phra Khanong, just one BTS station away from the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC). 



What we offer

Oppose Gravity Studio evening class

Group Classes:

Oppose Gravity’s Movement Foundations is designed to help you rediscover lost sensitivity and awareness under gravity’s constant presence, through the use of your own bodyweight in motion. Using various mobility and flexibility protocols to unlock the body’s full potential you will develop a pain-free lifestyle. Following the guided instructions you will gain confidence by controlling yourself in space and mastering the concepts of contract/relax. You’ll come to an understanding as to why time under tension is so important for strength gains and force production. You will also learn how to protect your joints by placing them under controlled loads, which force them to grow stronger. 


Private Personal Training

Private personal training designed specifically for your situation through guided one-hour sessions. We ensure you receive the correct dosage for your needs allowing you to grow and sustain better more complex movement patterns. Suffering from tight overworked/under stretched muscles, looking for a more focused atmosphere, or a more hands-on approach? We are here to get you moving free from discomfort.

Hollow body hold tucked progression


Online Coaching

If you’re the do it yourself type or distance is a problem then online coaching is an option for you! Programs are designed to take you from zero to full speed. Don't worry we take a headache out of planning when what, and how. Plans are eight weeks long and come with four weeks of online coaching. Have a problem? Email, message, or video conference and you’ll get to where you’re going. all you need to do is WORK!

Workshops and Events

We are dedicated to bringing quality content whether it's hosting a local workshop or bringing in speical guests. Check out our events page for a list of upcoming workshops, events, and the Bangkok Movement Collective. 

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What our students say

Matthew Stevens

Matthew Stevens

Oppose Gravity is a great gym for anyone who wants to get physically stronger and agile using nothing more than their own body weight. CJ's innovative fitness regimen and attention to detail combine elements of calisthenics, gymnastics, and yoga to train your physique for optimum performance. Exercises can be modified based on your current level of physical fitness. After the first class, I felt energized and inspired. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to maintain or increase their own level of strength and mobility!

Tammi Willis

Tammi Willis

Feels necessary and important, for your ability and longevity in your sport, your fitness, and your general health. I can't get enough. And CJ is a great coach and guide, I highly recommend him.

Eriik Vesrpui

Eriik Vesrpui

CJ is badass. Makes me do hollow holds like no other

Claire Lim

Claire Lim

CJ is strong, open, receptive, understanding, supportive of others in his community.

Kosol Jin Musicamas

Kosol Jin Musicamas

Good coach and programming. Also, the workout is scale-able so everyone from novice to expert can join.

Instrutor João

Instrutor João

If you don't think then it's not possible...over there you'll change your mind!!!